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Hi im Ryu : > I love to draw. I attempt to post my doodles as often as i can! I'm a college student in basically the best city in Texas. (hinthint, we love live music) and am currently majoring in 2-D animation WOOOOOO.
Wanna chat??
Skype: ryugemini

My art tag!!
My Doodle tag!!

Have something you want me to see? Tag it with "Ryugemini"!!!
what even is the gravity falls style


listen, i’m never going to let you use my laptop idk what exactly i have to hide but i’m 200% sure there’s something

what I say: nice shirt
what I mean: duDE I'M IN THAT FANDOM



People still say no bueno? :/

Pretty sure Spanish people still speak spanish

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felly-pepper asked: You're art is amazing! I was wondering if you did commissions or requests? maybe an art trade? ;3 But yeah your art is utterly adorable X3

thank you so much!!!!! sadly i dont accept trades or requests at this time umu!!


you can find info on commissioning me riIIGHTT HEERREEE!!!

deepdark356 asked: you draw very well ................. you are kool ;)

thank you!!!! <3 ;w;!!

thefleshmustgrow asked: hey i just wanted 2 say your human bill is my fave B)

mAN O MAN!! thank you!! <33